Generation Empowerment Ministries (GEM) is a youth ministry consulting firm that seeks to bridge the gap between the church of today and the church of tomorrow. The tools we use are scripturally based and structurally designed to combat the negative consequences that grow from the gap between the adult and youth church memberships.


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The YMAP gives young people a chance to voice their concerns and communicate them to appropriate leadership in a clear, structural way. It is a 5-part process, designed by GEM founders to provide vital information for churches to better cater to the spiritual needs of their youth. The YMAP requires your ministry’s commitment to ensure the success of the project within your youth ministry.



The YMAP Mini

This condensed assessment is ideal for youth conferences and retreats. The YMAP mini focuses on the youth perspective, beginning with a survey.




Though we highly recommend the full YMAP process, GEM will gladly perform a 2-part assessment for smaller budgets.



This is a jewel of GEM! We work together with your youth to brainstorm and present a proposal for desired youth activities. The process includes a small summit and interview to gather specific information about activities. This service allows youth to become familiar with project planning and professional skills.

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Mission Statement

In a society where this nation’s young people are violently crying out… In a society desperately seeking an answer… It has become all too obvious that effective action must be taken. The kingdom has been suffering violence as Satan captures the minds, lives and souls of young people. As a result, the body of Christ must take them back, by force!

Leading this revolution is a GEM.

Generation Empowerment Ministries is designed for youth ages 13-19. Its purpose is to empower the souls of this nation’s young people by giving them a voice in the body of Christ. GEM is founded on the principle of Matthew 11:15, forcing the Church to hear the hearts of teenagers. It is a simple strategy designed to destroy an epidemic in churches across this country, which is its inability to connect with today’s young people.

GEM is a tool for research and resources. Through surveys, focus groups and various sub-ministries, GEM will diligently work to relate to young people on a realistic level. Our ultimate goal is to prove that a genuine personal relationship with Christ can and does exist at any age bracket. Moreover, we will effectively display the power and prosperity that result from this divine relationship.

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If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, please contact us by sending an email to gem.ymap@gmail.com.

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